The Creative Energy Solution’s goal is to be a major component of the energy independence plan for Nevada. Achieving this goal will allow Nevada to become an energy exporter resulting in a diverse alternative energy based economy providing opportunities, jobs and a stable future for the state.

The ultimate objective is to develop technologies and applications to supply clean renewable energy to rural areas of Nevada significantly reducing the state’s demand for energy and allowing excess energy from the State to be exported to neighboring jurisdictions, reducing the demand on foreign energy sources and creating thousands of jobs in numerous fields of research, engineering, design, construction, technical support, operations and facilities maintenance

The strategy is the development of renewable energy centers throughout Nevada utilizing the State’s abundant resources of geothermal, wind, and solar energy, while researching biomass hydrogen, clean coal and other energy source opportunities including smart grid technologies. The University of Nevada will be the Center initially for researching and developing alternative energy and new technologies for alternative energy applications. By implementing a diversification of engineering study programs in the field of geothermal, hydrogen, solar, wind, biofuels including deployment of a combination of technologies, UNR will be able to produce the needed green collar professionals.

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